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Welcome to Doremi 1, your one-stop-shop for the very best values internet has to offer and specifically dedicated to both amateur and professional musicians, music teachers, music students, music lovers and anyone interested in buying online musical instruments all over the world. Please visit our online shopping pages and do not miss the great values featured on these pages!

In the homepage of Doremi 1, you will find mostly various kinds of musical instruments such as the stringed musical instruments, the woodwind musical instruments, the brass musical instruments, the percussive musical instruments (percussions) and the electronic musical instruments.

The string musical instruments or stringed musical instruments are musical instruments that create sound from vibrating strings. The bodies of the stringed musical instruments are then transmitting the vibrations to the air to produce sound. The 3 most common ways to make the strings vibrate are striking, plucking and bowing. Some examples of some of stringed musical instruments include upright piano, grand piano, guitar, cello, double bass, violin, viola, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, sitar and harp.

The woodwind musical instruments are a group of musical instruments which belong to the more general category of wind instruments. The woodwind musical instruments consist of 2 main types: flutes and reed instruments (otherwise called reed pipes). What differentiates the woodwind musical instruments from other wind instruments is the way in which they create their sound. Some examples of the woodwind musical instruments include flute, recorder, English horn, bagpipe, piccolo, oboe, accordion, harmonica, clarinet, saxophone & bassoon.

The brass musical instruments are musical instrument which create sound by sympathetic air vibration in a tubular resonator in conjunction with the vibration of the lips of the musicians. Some examples of the brass musical instruments are trumpet, tuba, trombone, euphonium, alto horn, tenor horn, flugelhorn and French horn. Almost all of the brass musical instruments (except the trombone) belong to the valved brass musical instruments which use a set of valves operated by the fingers of the players. The trombone belongs to the slide brass musical instruments which uses a slide to change the length of the tubing.

The percussive musical instruments are believed to include the oldest musical instruments only second to the human voice. Percussive musical instrument is a musical instrument that is sounded by a) being scraped or struck by a beater b) struck against another similar musical instrument c) struck, scraped or rubbed by hand. Some examples of the percussive musical instruments include snare drum, bass drum, timpani, marimba, triangle, cymbals, tambourine, bells, hand bells, glockenspiel & xylophone.

The electronic musical instruments ares musical instrument which create sound by using electronics. The first electronic musical instrument was invented in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Some examples of the electronic musical instruments include portable keyboard, electric guitar, electric violin, electric organ & analog synthesizer. The so called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology invented in 1980 enables connections between digital musical instruments and the prevalent microcomputer. Also, more and more new types of electronic musical instruments are being created as time goes on.

You will find the following well known brands of musical instruments (just to name a few): Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, Kimball, Crescent, Cecilio, Merano, Mendini, Kawai, Altus, Pearl, Jupiter, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Azumi, Rogue, Ibanez, Roosebeck, Angel, Vento, Fox, Jones, Jean Paul, Suzuki, D'Luca, Fox, Adams, Trophy, Rhythm, Dillon, Roy Benson, Barrington, Holton, Rossetti, Hammond, Casio, Korg, Cordoba, Makala & Roland.

Do you need metronomes to accompany your playing? Famous metronome brands like Wittner and Seiko can also be found in the vertical slide show on the left. Other types of music accessories such as piano bench, musical stands and piano lamps are also available in the vertical slide show slightly above & to the left of this paragraph. Also, the two banners slightly below and to the left of this paragraph (i.e. the Musical Instruments for Kids banner and the Music Collectibles banner) are for those of you who are more specifically looking for musical instruments for kids and/or music collectible items.

Are you a jewelry fan as well? Just look at one of the horizontal slide shows below towards the bottom of this website, you can then find various kinds of jewelry with their miniaturized form of various musical instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, clarinet, among others. You can use them as earrings, bracelet, pendant, tie pin and necklace among others. Moreover they come in materials such as silver plated, gold (14K & 18K) plated and sterling silver.

Last but not least, just click on the "Holiday Gift Guide" banner at the bottom section of this homepage in case you want to purchase your preferred musical instruments as holiday gifts for your family and friends. We apologize beforehand in case the musical instrument you are looking for is temporarily unavailable or no longer on sale. We also hope you enjoy your browsing and/or online shopping at Doremi 1 filled with new and exciting products from the internet’s best online shopping sites, so please bookmark this page and visit us often.

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Featured Stringed Musical Instruments

  1. Palatino VC-450 4/4 size solid hand carved spruce top, maple back, sides and neck Allegro Cello outfit PLUS a bow and a carrying bag. Adjustable rock maple bridge, whereas the tailpiece and fingerboard are made from ebonized woods, and comes with German-quality, Tyrolean tuners.
  2. Baldwin-Hamilton high grade strings (Roslau) highly polished mahogany 5' grand piano (used, 4 years old) with quality checked by Baldwin and solid spruce piano keys. It comes with a piano bench and moving service available if needed.
  3. D'Luca CA800AT 16-inch antique varnish handmade orchestral series professional full size viola PLUS a lightweight case and 2 bow holders. Superb range of tonal colors and a finely grained handmade viola.
  4. Stentor 1500 4/4 solid maple back hand crafted 4/4 size violin. Full ebony fittings and hand crafted with fine-grained solid spruce top, super sensitive red label strings and hardwood chinrest.
  5. Palatino VB-004-3/4 crack resistant spruce top bass plus carrying bag and bow. Also, this bass has arched maple back, hand carved solid maple neck and includes carrying bag and bow.
  6. Hohner HC 06 nylon string full size spruce top classical guitar plus 1 year warranty period. This guitar has Catalpa sides and back and has all of the so called attributes of the HOHNER A+ Advantage. also, this guitar is equipped with specially designed neck blocks for enhancing projection and tone. Suitable for ages 13 and above and comes with a 1 year warranty period.
  7. Rogue RM-100A A-Style sunburst mandolin featuring easy to play neck, clean workmanship, ideal for beginners, adjustable bridge and a bright tone with plenty of bark. Moreover, this mandolin has chrome tuners and nickel-plated frets.
  8. Steinway 2004 Essex EUP 111E 43" polished mahogany upright piano PLUS bench. This used piano looks like it has never been used before. Moreover it has 88 keys, 3 pedals and was manufactured by Steinway and Sons a serial No. E102521.
  9. Schoenhut C 1019 - C 15 string cherry harp. Lightweight, spacious box, curved sides, having a range of 15 notes (from C to C), 27 inches high and fully tunable by way of zither pins and a zither pin wrench (included). A perfect choice for a child's first harp.

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Featured Woodwind Musical Instruments

  1. Glory closed hole C flute with case, tuning rod and cloth, joint grease and gloves. Available in nickel silver and other 21 different colors. This flute's closed hole 16 keys design is made from Real CUPRONICKEL which contributes to its wonderful tone and its high durability.
  2. Conductor sterling silver plated closed hole C flute with a deluxe style carrying case, a cleaning rod, a full 30 day "unconditional" money back guarantee and a one year warranty period. This flute has also good quality tone, offset G and split E keys and suitable for students of all ages.
  3. Legacy AS750 student/Intermediate alto saxophone featuring superior tone, quality saxophone, great intonation and clean lacquer. With the purchase of this saxophone, you will get mouthpiece, cap ligature, neckstrap and a hard shell canvas case.
  4. Gemeinhardt 2SP series standard student flute featuring a silver plated body, head and foot, plateau (closed hole) keys and a C foot. The package includes a strong plastic case and cleaning supplies. This flute is also quite durable and a good choice for students and/or beginning adult flutist.
  5. Yamaha YRS-23Y key of C soprano recorder featuring German style fingering and soft pure tone. This recorder provides good, accurate intonation as well as an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control. Last but not least, this 12-3/4" long recorder is ideal for beginners.
  6. Yamaha YRS24B key of C soprano recorder. A perfect choice for hobbyists and all music educators of good quality soprano recorders. Moreover this 13-inch cream-colored soprano recorder has good sound quality and comes with a fingering sheet, simple instructions and a canvas carrying bag.
  7. Suzuki SRE-3 3-Piece soprano recorder featuring superior tone quality, perfect intonation and adjustable bell section to fit any fingers from all sizes. Each recorder section has precise end tapers which insure an air tight seal. This fully tunable recorder has sections which will never fall apart due to their unique fitted joints.

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Featured Brass Musical Instruments

  1. Traditional metal French horn weighing around 12.8 ounces with stylish horn and horn decoration art. This French horn is 11" high and 6" wide as well.
  2. pBone Jiggs Whigham plastic (not brass) red Bb trombone featuring lockable slide, 8-inch bell, lightweight and a .500-inch bore design with an ergonomic grip for comfort. This trombone comes with a plastic mouthpiece, carrying bag and is available in various colors. Interestingly, you can play this trombone without the need for slide lubrication.
  3. Roy Benson RBTB202 BBb advanced rotary tuba featuring four rotary valves with mechanical linkage and metal ball joint, lacquered finish, 38 cm brass bell, a 16mm bore, nickel silver lead pipe and inner and outer slides, and a lightweight case with wheels and back pack assembly. This tuba is designed after the 186 series of Germany-Feets most famous tuba makers.
  4. New brass Bb 3 piston valves flugel horn featuring copper lead pipe, third valve slide trigger, the size 3C mouthpiece inserted, 6" bell in diameter and 0.46" bore. This flugel horn is shopped adjusted before shipping and comes with valve oil, cleaning cloth, white gloves and a luxury plush lined case. Ideal for professional musicians as well as entry level and intermediate students.
  5. Regiment WI-800-BG bugle featuring key of G with F slide, clear lacquered brass, detachable nickel plated mouthpiece, 15-inch length without mouthpiece and 4-1/4-inch bell. This bugle comes with a carrying bag too.
  6. Mendini MEP-N nickel plated B Flat euphonium (also known as "mini" tuba) with 4 stainless steel smooth top action pistons, nickel plated body + bell and rose brass lead pipe. This euphonium is lightweight, suitable for student musician and comes with a pair of gloves, polishing cloth, silver plated mouthpiece and pro-deluxe hard case.
  7. Mendini MTT-L lacquer brass gold Bb trumpet featuring a phosphorus copper lead mouth pipe, topped with 3 comfortable white mother of pearl key inlaid and 3 smooth action valves. This trumpet comes with pocketbook, case, Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, a pair of white gloves, case, bottle of valve oil, soft polishing cloth and a foldable trumpet stand that is stored inside the bell. A good choice for student musicians and/or beginners as well.

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Featured Electronic Musical Instruments

  1. Cecilio 4/4 full size CEVN-1BK solid wood black metallic electric/silent violin with ebony fittings in style 2 which comes with a bow, bridge, rosin, a well-padded lightweight hard case, pickup, aux cable, and headphones. The Cecilio electric violin outfit offers violinists the ability to practice confidently without bothering others. Ideal for professional, intermediate and student violinists.
  2. Williams Legato 88 semi-weighted keys 5 rich sounds digital piano. Supplied with built-in metronome, built-in speakers, USB MIDI connections and stereo/mono line out jacks. However, AC power adapter, sustain pedal, batteries, stand or bench are sold separately.
  3. Gakken SX-150 MARK II Analog Synthesizer by CHUGAN Corporation. You basically can make almost any kinds of music as this very small synthesizer is packed with many functions. Its sound can be gigantic as well !
  4. Davison Guitars full size full scale black electric guitar with maple neck. #1 Best seller in electric guitar beginner kits on Amazon electronic musical instrument category. Supplied with amp, case and accessories pack beginner starter package.
  5. Yamaha YPG-235 portable grand piano with 76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action keys. Supplied with panel lights, backlit LCD, USB & flash ROM and you can use this portable piano to record your own music. Premium pack.

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Featured Percussive Musical Instruments

  1. Duro-Med call bell featuring silver bell with black wooden handle which can be used for a variety of purposes such as training pets to do something, signaling dinner is ready & calling for help. This bell has a crisp, melodic tone and measuring 4.75 inches tall.
  2. Majestic MTG04AP timpani 23/26/29/32 set (standard). These timpanis were created by the oldest manufacturer in the Netherlands, the Majestic. These timpanis are a combination of the classic design and quality of the great German timpani makers of the early twentieth century with the latest in computer driven engineering and production.
  3. Zildjian 12" table-top gong and stand set with new, specially designed tabletop stand and mallet. With this gong, you can hear the beautiful classic Zildjian gong sound. This gong is one of the best seller items in the percussive musical instrument category.
  4. Jack & Jill Music Company glockenspiel (xylophone) made of wood with a bright pleasing tone, securely fastened toned bars and comes with a luxurious velvet storage pouch for storing the mallet. Moreover this glockenspiel (xylophone) is ideal for children to play with, tastefully designed, crafted from the finest materials and a lifetime, hassle-free replacement guarantee.
  5. Evans EMAD2 clear bass 22" drum head featuring revolutionary Evans level 360 collar, adjustable damping caters to all bass drum tones, two different foam damping ring options for different sound options and comes with multiple sizes, thicknesses, and coatings. This drum head is manufactured in USA and ideal for all music genres.
  6. The MEINL HCS three for free drum set cymbal pack featuring 14-inch crash and 13-inch hi hats plus free 10 inches HCS splash cymbal to round out your kit's sound, free professional 5A drum sticks from Pro-Mark and free lessons with drummer Mike Johnston at mikeslessons.com. These cymbals are highly popular due to their durability, versatility and outstanding sound quality plus their extensive selection of sonic alternatives for players to expand their styles.
  7. Trophy 5 inches triangle featuring nickel finish, a very good sound projection and availability in various sizes. Moreover, this triangle includes a beater and holder. This triangle is one of the best seller items in the percussive musical instrument category.

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Additional Featured Musical Instruments (All Types)

  1. Prelude TR711 student trumpet featuring a 0.459 medium-large bore with a red brass lead pipe, nickle silver valve pistons, nickle platting, genuine Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece, yellow brass bell, clear lacquer finish, strong durable materials and delicate precise craftsmanship. This trumpet also comes with two water keys, adjustable third slide finger ring, necessary accessories, care maintenance instructions, and excellent for beginner trumpet players too.
  2. Authentic U.S. Regulation bugle featuring finest quality brass by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, built in the key of G with a tuning slide that will bring it down to the key of F, and US Regulation BugleTM stamped on the bell. This highly polished lacquered finish brass bugle is easy to play and comes with a fully tapered bell, traditional fluted bugle mouthpiece and care instructions as well.
  3. Legacy CL750 student/intermediate clarinet with deluxe carrying case and an ideal step up instrument for high school student players. This clarinet also have Italian made pads and sterling silver plated keys.
  4. Mendini 4/4 full size MV400 violin featuring maple sides, neck, back with gorgeous varnish finish, solid wood spruce top and inlaid purfling. This violin comes with adjustable shoulder rest, lightweight hard case, quality rosin cake, 2 Brazil wood bows, an extra set of violin strings and two bridges plus 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
  5. Cremona SB-4 Premier novice upright 3/4 size bass featuring ebony fingerboard, a player contoured neck profile, curly maple back and sides plus solid spruce top. Moreover, this bass has violin body shape for traditional look and comes with padded nylon gigbag. Bow is not included, however.
  6. Grace 4/4 size student cello with spruce top, maple sides, neck and back plus hard wood pegs and fingerboard. This cello comes with bow, padded carrying bag and free rosin as well.
  7. Yamaha YFL-221 student flute featuring offset G, plateau model, key of C, silver plated finish and YAC -1310 case included. This flute weighs around 2 pounds.
  8. Cecilio CVA-500 16-inch solid wood ebony fitted Viola featuring a hand carved solid spruce top and solid maple sides and back, a beautiful inlaid purfling satin antique finish, flamed sides and back, and comes with 4 fine nickel plated tuners, Brazil wood bow with ebony frogged and unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a lightweight form fitting hard case with pockets and strap, an extra set of strings, quality rosin cake, extra bridge, free Cecilio chromatic tuner with metronome, tailpiece, chinrest, ebony pegs, fingerboard and 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
  9. Schiller 45" special edition ebony polish upright piano featuring superior quality German felt hammers, concert level strings, fast-response action and hardwood inner & outer rim. This piano is weighing around 400 pounds as well.
  10. Fox Renard model 240 used standard bassoon featuring red maple body, natural rubber lining of the wing and boot joints, very open tone quality and a a full German system mechanism which is complete with high D and E keys. Moreover, this bassoon includes balance hanger and popular among high school and college bassoonists as well.
  11. Hohner HAG250P handcrafted classical guitar featuring light gauge nylon strings, Agathis top back and sides and a rather small size instrument (1/2 sized classical guitar) making it an excellent choice for young guitarists. This guitar has a sturdy build quality and also come with a 1 year warranty period.
  12. Vento composite 901-VEEH953 English horn featuring composite Grenadilla and nylon material, a beautiful, round tone quality, silver plated key work, semi automatic key mechanism and silver plated bocal. Last but not least, this English horn comes with case & case cover.
  13. Yamaha DGX650B digital black home piano featuring 128-note polyphony, AUX line input, pure CF-sampled piano and 88-note, weighted GHS action. When you buy this digital piano, you can learn to play songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Elton John, Adele and more.
  14. Jupiter 378L series 3-Valve 3/4 lacquered brass BBb tuba featuring a durable construction, tighter wrap, compact size, a detachable lead pipe, bell, valve body and nickel-plated piston valves. In general this tuba is easier to play and hold.
  15. Evans 10 inch clear 300 snare side drum head. This drum head is manufactured in USA featuring 10" clear snare resonant drum head made using a single ply of 3mil film, the most versatile snare side head and its ability to provide a wide dynamic range and controlled snare response at all dynamic levels. Last but not least, it is also available in 8", 10", 12", 13" and 15".
  16. Selmer model 122F intermediate silver plated polished keys oboe featuring key of C, Grenadilla wood body and left-hand Ab-Bb & C-D trill keys. This oboe also have the so called modified conservatory system as its range goes to low Bb.
  17. Cecilio 2 series TB-280N Bb tenor slide nickel plated trombone with balanced weight distribution, 12C silver plated mouthpiece, 8" bell and .500" medium bore. In addition, this trombone comes with polishing cloth, slide grease, pro-deluxe hard case, a pair of gloves, a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects and is an excellent choice for students as well.
  18. Roy Benson RBPC502 advanced piccolo featuring silver plated nickel silver head plus keys, a warm round tone, rosewood material and synthetic wood body. This piccolo measuring 12 x 6 x 6 inches comes with a French style case with cover.
  19. Gemeinhardt professionally padded 2SP Flute with straight head joint featuring triple coated silver plated finish and offset G key. This flute measuring 2 x 2 x 26.5 inches also have the so called plateau model/closed hole design.
  20. Barrington BR FR401 Bb/F lacquer finish double French horn featuring mechanical linkage, two sets of tubing (one Bb and one F) within one frame, one Bb and one F, and large 12” bell for more powerful sound. Moreover, this double French horn has 486" bore and Kruspe style wrapped tubing.

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Featured Jewelry

    Various kinds of jewelry for you to be worn as pendant, necklace, bracelet, earring among others portraying various shapes of musical instruments like the trumpet, horn, piano, accordion, electric guitar, saxophone, clarinet and harp. Two of the items here are embedded with Swarovski crystals. Besides, you'll also find 14K gold charm, 14 K white gold charm and sterling silver items:


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